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Stamford Park

Stamford Park Altrincham is a public park with four access points. There is an oval central area with a path system linking the ponds, pavilions and club house. The layout has informal and formal elements, including serpentine walks. Stamford Park Altrincham, opened in 1880 with a design by John Shaw Snr which was implemented by his son.The 7th Earl of Stamford donated land for the park in 1878 and it was opened in 1880. The idea of a public recreation ground was first raised with the Altrincham Local Board of Health in 1866 and again in 1869 when a meeting of ratepayers voted against the idea. In 1878 Lord Stamford offered c 3.2ha of land at Hale Moss for a public park and recreation ground. There had been an ongoing dispute regarding public claims to Hale Moss and when the offer was finally enlarged to c 6.5ha it was accepted by the Local Board as a final settlement. The site was on low-lying waterlogged wasteland noted for producing abundant noxious gases and considered to be a health hazard. The draining and reclamation of the land served the dual purpose of providing a park for recreation and a valuable sanitary measure.

At the opening of the park some areas of parched turf were attributed to the effect of poisonous water remaining in the soil (Altrincham and Bowden Advertiser).The network of sinuous paths and the sports pitches were intended to encourage the people of Altrincham to take exercise. This reflected a growing trend to make provision for sports facilities in public parks. Stamford Park is owned and managed by Trafford Borough Council. It is one of the most heavily used parks in Trafford and lies on the borders of Altrincham & Hale. Stamford Park Altrincham is a Grade II listing on the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest (England). Stamford Park Altrincham has A 9-a-side football which is located at the Queens Road end of the park. There are changing facilities by the male toilets. Two Lawn Bowls courts are the two greens adjacent to Stamford Park Road are the home of Hale Moss Bowling Club.

They currently have six teams including veterans, ladies, men and mixed. there are three recently resurfaced tarmac courts are located adjacent to Charter Road. Nets are usually in place all year round and there is no charge to use the courts. They are full sized courts which also incorporate orange and red markings. and Adjacent to the tennis courts is a tarmac court with basketball goals. This is also free to use. Seven days a week. Stamford Park Altrincham Has two Playgrounds which are great play areas for children of all ages at the Charter Road end of the park. Both have seating for accompanying adults. In the larger area which is fully enclosed, there is a variety of equipment including a large wooden climbing trail, a metal slide, a roundabout and a multi-unit for smaller children. We welcome dogs in Stamford Park. They don’t have to be walked on a lead if they’re obedient, but they must be under control. Please make sure they remain within sight and out of the flowerbeds where they can do so much damage. Stamford Park Altrincham is also home to Café in the Park it is situated close to the children’s playground and is at the heart of The Counselling & Family Centre. We’re a hub for the local community- a great place to meet up for a tasty meal or just a coffee and a chat. Or simply grab your lunch to go!